I really appreciated all the care I received at the Dental Arts of Biddeford. All of you are very kind, patient and pleasant. You make me feel very comfortable and cared for! I love my new smile! – Alice G, porcelain veneers

Dr. Mazurenko is a very caring doctor. He treats you like family. Also, he is very professional. He really looks to your needs. I felt that he really wanted what is best for me and my smile. He is extremely gentle with how he treats patients. I received nothing but the best personal attention. I know he could be in Hollywood, but he’s in Biddeford. He’s right here treating families and his patients because he cares about his people and his practice. And I love that about him. – Amanda P, porcelain veneers

I love my smile that I received from the Dental Arts of Biddeford. It’s the best. Smiles, to me, are very important. It is the first thing you see and it tells a lot about you. – Amy L. braces and porcelain veneers

The minute you walk into the office, you feel happy. You feel welcome. They are all very outgoing and you just feel like you belong there. You want to actually come back, enjoy and get inspired. I experienced unmistakable personal bond with the Doctor right after the first meeting with him. There was this great responsiveness to my desire to improve my smile, this friendliness, this collaboration, that made me feel very content. – Annie D. porcelain veneers

I love my new smile. I would do it all over again and wouldn’t change a thing. I get so many compliments on my smile now; it’s amusing, actually. I travel a lot for business and everybody is always commenting about how beautiful my smile is, how bright and white it is. Definitely… I catch people staring right at my mouth verses giving me direct eye contact because they are taking in my smile. – Betty A, Porcelain crowns and veneers

“Dr. Mazurenko is the best dentist I have ever been treated by. His staff is wonderful, very attentive. I just love them all and I can’t say enough about them. When you come into this office, you feel comfortable right away. All the care I received here has been outstanding. I actually enjoyed going in to the dental office and see people I consider friends; which not too many patients can say. And, talking with Dr. Mazurenko and Kay, who is my hygienist, is a joy. It is a joy to come up here. – Bill H. porcelain crowns and veneers

He is very interested in his patients. I know he will call you up after your visit to check up and make sure everything is fine. Dr. Mazurenko wants to know how you are feeling and just to chat. If you have to come in and see him, he’ll be there for you the next day. You can count on him to be there for you. – Carol S, porcelain crowns

He is a very gentle dentist and would never hurt anyone. He only does good things for people’s smiles. So, I would highly recommend Dr. Mazurenko to anyone. – Charlotte B, dental implants and crowns

Dr. Mazurenko and the staff are great! The minute I need anything I can call them up and they will address all concerns. Last year over the weekend the doctor ended up calling in a prescription for antibiotics for me over the weekend. I was seen on Monday for an evaluation. – Colleen T, dental implant and porcelain veneers

Anytime I had extensive work done with Dr. Mazurenko, he would call to make sure I was feeling okay the next day. Rebecca would always follow up with all the little details. They were extremely helpful in working with my schedule and trying to get me in. When I had the treatment done, Dr. Mazurenko would always treat me with respect and care. I’m extremely overjoyed with my new smile! – Crystal T, porcelain veneers

I would recommend Dr. Mazurenko and his team to anyone, not just for regular checkups but anyone that needs any kind of cosmetic or implant care completed. Definitely! – Mark A. dental implant

Wonderful experience! I appreciate the ongoing training and professional development that you all have on a regular basis. It keeps your practice current and you provide cutting edge care! Thank you! – Emily P, porcelain veneers

Dr. Mazurenko and his assistants are GREAT! I am a nervous patient and they make me feel comfortable. I never envied my teeth – they have always been short and discolored. When I finally decided to improve the smile his name came up from my co-workers whom he treated in the past. I saw him and a few other doctors and did not have any dout that he well be my dentist. I was impressed with how clean the office was, with technology and most impressively with professionalism. The doctor was amazing! I am greatly satisfied with everything your office is about! – Jamie C. composite bonding

We were more than happy with your staff and your up-to-date operation. Thank you for making it all enjoyable and very easy! – Jessica B, porcelain crowns and veneers

Most upbeat Biddeford dentist office I’ve ever been to! Everyone seems to be extremely happy and content – says a lot about the team! I felt upbeat after leaving the office. I felt that I was important as a patient as well as a person. I know I’ll get to laugh which is a pleasant change for me! I can honestly say for the first time in my life I don’t dread going to the dentist! Keep smiling and keep laughing! Thanks for always brightening my day! – Joanna Y, teeth whitening

I think that everyone on your staff is very qualified and friendly! Have nothing but great words for Kay, she is a wonderful hygienist! I would recommend your office to anyone. You have a great staff! – Julie C, porcelain crowns and veneers

Been coming there for years an everyone is wonderful! Don’t change a thing! – Kaetlin P, Bonding

When we called with an emergency from school the staff was so kind and helpful. I felt genuinely cared for. The Doctor gave us immediate attention which both Alison and I really appreciated. I love Dr. Mazurenko and his staff and would recommend the doctor to all in Biddeford! – Jennifer and Alison N.

You all have the best office team in Biddeford! To all of the staff at Dr. Mazurenko’s office: thank you all so much for the great customer service atmosphere on each telephone call or office visit. It is a wonderful feeling when such a great team can incorporate such skills all while making you feel like family. You are all such good people! Thank you again from my heart! – Katherine C, composite bonding

The dental experience was amazing! I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has given me so much more self esteem and confidence in life and I would do it all over again. Dr. Mazurenko is awesome at what he does and I thank him so much for giving my smile a whole new look and feel. I would highly suggest him to anyone who is considering changing their smile. He’s comforting and is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. Thank you to all who helped in my change! You guys rock! – Kathleen M, porcelain veneers

I have definitely gained confidence from my teeth. I have a reputation for always smiling and it helps to have good-looking teeth. I have received compliments almost daily. It has definitely improved my self-image. – Kim Z, porcelain veneers

“You have the best dental office in the world! Your conscientiousness, professionalism and down right friendly values are felt throughout your team. Thank you for a comfortable dental experience.”
Kristine A, porcelain crowns

“Everyone is very kind and extremely professional. Coming to this office has truly helped to ease my fear of the dentist. The new technology is virtually painless. Great service, considerate, I recommend Dr. Mazurenko to all who ask!”
Laura K, porcelain veneers

Thank you for always being so kind and pleasant to my daughter and myself. We really found the best dentist in the world. I wish we have had you as a dentist many years ago!”
Louise R, Porcelain veneers

Dr. Dr. Mazurenko provided me with many clear options for straightening my teeth. My end results were great. The best part is that no one ever knew I had any treatment done. The veneers look just like real teeth – healthy, pearl like, and magnificent!
Melissa H, porcelain veneers

I have been a dental hygienist since 1989. I know a lot about cosmetic dentistry and veneers from many Professional Development classes, but never thought I would need them. A few years ago, however, I started noticing that my teeth that used to be gorgeous started getting slightly shorter, not as bright and with some cracks. Recently, it felt like the teeth had gotten even more worn down. This smile was not who I was and did not reflect my personality within at all.

I went to different dentists looking for an answer. I was told it was okay and just a normal part of the aging process. Then I met Dr. Mazurenko and learned that tooth wear was an an indication that something was indeed changing in my chewing system. He guided me through a diagnostic process and helped me decide which was the best option for me. I couldn’t believe how much easier it was for me to chew. I now understand why this treatment could last the rest of my life, not just 2-5 years. My bite has been restored.

Thanks to Dr. Mazurenko for teaching me about a comprehensive diagnosis and understanding what I needed to have beautiful teeth that work efficiently.
Stephanie L, porcelain veneers

You are all superb and professionals. Kay is by far the most gentle and very knowledgeable hygienist. She takes her time and is very patient. The dental office is very conscious of following sterile procedure and my wife and I appreciate that very much. Although not everyone enjoys going to the dentist, but Dr. Mazurenko makes it as pleasurable as possible. I thank you all.
Tony G, porcelain veneers